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The story of Willis Hill Farm begins in the 1873 when my great-great-grandfather, William "Bill" Willis, began stitching together a farm from several parcels of land just southeast of McConnelsville, Ohio. By 1900 the Morgan County ridges across which the farm spreads became known as "Willis Hill."

Bill Willis was a farmer who raised beef and dairy cattle, hogs, sheep, poultry, and a wide variety of crops, including fruits. He was a also licensed distiller, and produced several varieties of spirits and wines. His recipes have been handed down through the generations, just as his farm and equipment have been.

Bill passed the farm on to his daughter, Rebecca (Willis) Greer, who passed it on to her daughter, Rachel (Greer) Parmiter. Rachel passed the farm on to her daughter, Dorothy (Parmiter) Shriver. Dorothy still lives on the farm, which is now owned by me, her son, Rick Shriver. Follow this link to see some family photos.

Our family has begun the process of establishing a working winery and vineyard on the farm. My sons and I are restoring the 100-year-old barn to serve as the production, aging and sales space for Willis Hill Wines. Grapes and other fruits are again being planted on the rolling hills of the Willis Farm.

The goal is to create a series of products in the tradition of Bill Willis' originals - small runs of 100% natural fruit wines. No chemical pesticides, no additives, no preservatives. Just pure fruit juices fermented naturally.

The image on the front page of this web site is created from photographs of the Willis Farm taken by Rebecca (Willis) Greer in about 1900.

-Rick Shriver

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