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Willis Hill Wines are 100% natural. To us that means no chemical additives, no preservatives, and no artificial ingredients.

It all starts with our ingredients. We start with fresh fruit juices - not concentrates. Our fruits are grown without inorganic pesticides. No sprays, no dusts, nothing.

Our apples may not be as perfect looking as supermarket apples - but they clean, safe and natural. The blackberries from which we make our wines are heirloom vines that have grown on the farm since the 1800s, when Bill Willis tended them.

We add pure water - not chlorinated or fluorinated. And then we add pure cane sugar. That's it. Sometimes we add a little yeast to kick start the fermentation - but only when it needs it.

We let the wine ferment naturally, just like it has been done by generations of farmers here in  Southeastern Ohio.

When it's finished fermenting - we bottle it.

Simple. Natural.

The result is wine made in the tradition of Bill Willis' originals - small runs of 100% natural fruit wines. Just pure fruit juices fermented naturally.

-Rick Shriver

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